Site Classification – Perth

As part of the building permit application process for residential houses in Perth,  generally a Site Classification is required. With reference to the definitions in the table below, the purpose of a Site Classification is to classify the reactivity of a building site in accordance with AS2870 “Residential Slabs and Footings”. The most common soil type in the Perth metropolitan area is sand. These sand sites are normally Class A (which is preferable for building houses on). However, sometimes the Perth sand sites are loose / soft and it is critical that this is identified by a Site Classification. Soft / loose sand sites are Class P (“Problem” sites) and require special attention to improving the soil conditions or design of special footings to avoid house settlement! Therefore, it is important as a prospective Perth home builder to not simply assume that your house is Class A!

Notably, particularly in the Perth Hills, there are also clay sites in the Perth surrounding suburbs. These sites require alternative footing designs to counter potential shrink and swell of the clay due to seasonal moisture changes.

As a guide, normally our price for a Site Classification within 20km of Perth CBD is $300. For builders, we can negotiate a better price based on anticipated volume of work. Please call 0433 680 465 or email if you would like to arrange a Site Classification.